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Lubritex is a key participant in the Aden Free Zone project. It is designed with the latest international technology to maximize blending flexibility in respect of product volumes and types. It has a blending capacity of 40,000 metric tons per annum.
Lubritex facilitates the following:
  • Lube Blending
  • Small Package Filling
  • Drum Filling
  • Plastic Bottles Manufacturing
  • Screen Printing
  • Drum Manufacturing
  • Lubricant Testing Lab
Lubricants Blending  
Lubritex uses state of the art equipment and implements world-class operational procedures (prepared under agreement by CALTEX) for quality blending and testing. It has a blending control system that facilitates whole blending in automatic mode.
The system is based on the process control applications Siemens Step 7 language, taken from the Siemens S7 system. This means the system can accurately control the addition of components measured using load cells, Mass Flow or PD Meters. The system controls a large range of other devices such as mixers, heaters, pumps, valves and pig stops, as well as metering pumps (for PPM components).
Thus this blending control system has the flexibility to control a number of different types of blending systems including Automated Batch Blending (ABB) using load cell mounted vessels, and Simultaneous Metering Blending (SMB).
The system controls the Lube Oil Blending Plant from the component tanks through the blending unit to the holding tanks, as well as all the physical equipment used to blend the lube oil. The control of batch blending typically starts at the pumps used to transfer bulk components from the tank farm and terminates as the blended lube oil reaches the holding tanks.
Small Package Filling
The Plant is equipped with two Masterfil filling machines, each with single head automatic Capping Machines. Each filling unit is comprised of:
  • Capping Machine
  • Induction Sealer
  • Labeling Machine
  • Inkjet Coder
  • Case Sealing Machine
Drum Filling  
  • All lines are piggable to avoid contamination.
  • The Masterfil Weigh Filler is fully programmable to avoid any loss in volume.
Plastic Bottles Manufacturing  
  • This consists of three blow molding machines.
  • It has provision of manufacturing 1, 4 and 5 liters capacity bottles.
Screen Printing  
  • UV machine is used for durable and long lasting printing.
  • UV has a shinier finish than standard inks and is resistant to ultra violet rays, hence the inks do not fade if kept in sunlight for long periods.
Drum Manufacturing  
  • Pressure testing is carried out to avoid any chances of leakages.
  • It has a capability of printing in multiple colors.
Lubricants Testing Lab  
Our lab is equipped with highly sophisticated equipment and is being operated in accordance with procedures prepared by CALTEX as part of an agreement with them. Accordingly CMM's are listed below as well as ASTM methods. These operational procedures ensure Lubritex:
  • follow the standard procedures for conducting batch testing and certification of blended products.
  • establish a systematic approach of identifying, analyzing and reporting blending related non-conformities during batch testing and certification of blended products.
  • conduct different methodologies for correction of product in the kettle blend so that they meet required specification.
The testing capabilites of our lab are as follows.  
Appearance Testing Methods are based on following International Standards:

•  American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM)

•  Institute of Petroleum (IP)

•  International Standard Organization (ISO)

•  Caltex Manufacturing Methods (CMM)

Density @ 15 ºC Kg/cm 3
Viscosity @ 100 ºC
Viscosity @ 40 ºC
Viscosity Index
Pour Point ºC
Flash Point ºC
Foam Characteristics
Color ASTM
Metal Content
Water Crackle
Total Acid Number
Total Base Number


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